Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lucky Library Lotto

Hello World!

It's me, Tanjlisa Marie. Every month I will give away a copy of my young adult urban fantasy novel, Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned, to a library. Which library depends on you. If you would like to enter your neighborhood or school library into the drawing, Like this Facebook page, leave the name of the library you which to enter and what city and state it is in.

Each month will be a different winner. I will not stop until a library in all 50 states has a copy of Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned available for people to check out.

Tell your friends to enter the same library as you because each month's winner is decided by which library receives the most nominations. The first library winner will be announce February 13th. Good luck! Lucky Library Lotto!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Promoting, There's a Reason You Pay People to do This...

Hello, world. It's me, Tanjlisa Marie. So, my YA urban fantasy, CODENAME FAIRY GODMOTHER: REASSIGNED is available at and; I threw my official book launch what? Now comes the promoting. The part where we self-published authors have to dig in and find creative ways to promote our work since we don't have a big publishing house (who have armies of people to do this type of work) at our disposal. *sigh* On the bright side, I have to say I've already met a lot of interesting people by networking via Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter, so I don't regret a moment I've spent thus far on promoting my book.
Me signing my #1 fan's (Dai'Quan Jackson)
manuscript that I gave him two years ago 

I want to know if anyone out there is using I stumbled upon this website when I was researching publishing houses. HarperCollins created a website where undiscovered talent has a chance to display their writing and a chance for an editor to read their work. Don't get too excited. I joined the site last week and holy cupcakes it is a lot of work!! You would have to spend an exuberant amount of time reading other peoples' work, politicking to get backings (it takes 200 backings to get to the Editor's desk), increase your ratings (both you and your book get ratings, which consists of people giving your writing 1 to 6 stars and you commenting on others' writings to increase your ratings), etc. Aren't you exhausted just from reading that! I know I do not have time to go that route, but wondered if anyone has heard any success stories about

Goodreads is the best and where I spend majority of my time with Facebook coming in a tight second.   I am on my second giveaway with Goodreads. My first, 1059 people signed up for the book and currently there are 569 people with my book on their shelves (for non-Goodreader patrons that means there are 569 people who are aware of my book and want to read it). I am pleased with this pace. I also started a group on Goodreads called Codename Fairy Godmother Fans. Once I get enough people who have the book we will go through the book chapter by chapter and the members will get a chance to ask me (the author) questions about the writing, things they may not understand, and just general discussion about the world I created. I'm pretty excited about that as I would love to ask Stephen King some questions about his wacky imagination! Hopefully, the group will be interesting enough where people will keep inviting their friends and more people will find out about the book and more people will add it to their shelves.

Whew! Promoting...there is a reason you pay people to do this!!

So please check out my giveaway at Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned giveaway. And join my fan club at Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned Fan Club.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

CODENAME FAIRY GODMOTHER: REASSIGNED Official Book Launch Party, Halloween 2012

Hello, World. It's me, Tanjlisa Marie. CODENAME FAIRY GODMOTHER: REASSIGNED official book launch party was this past Halloween. After the weeks of planning and advertising, the event came and went. I want to thank everyone who came to the event and helped me celebrate the launch of my debut novel. I want to especially thank the Mayor of Jacksonville for attending! That was quite an honor. Here are a few pictures of the event. For more, visit